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How COVID-19 has affected the World

Shopping, working, travelling or getting around- the COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally changed the way we see things now. Basically, it has changed the perception of time. Our mobility has become severely restricted , it has reduced to jogs or walks a few kilometres around our homes. Perhaps less obviously, the lockdown has also affected our experiences of time.

Mostly everything has been affected by COVID-19. How we live and interact with each other, how we work and communicate, how we move around and travel. Every aspect of our lives has been affected. Decisions made now and in the coming months will be some of the most important made in generations.

The things we took for granted were easily snatched away from our hands. The ubiquitous Indian railway, the friendly vegetable hawker, the drive to the nearest hyper-market are no longer available at our beck and call as the resilience of these inter-connected networks are frayed at the edges.

More than 120 million jobs have been lost in April 2020 due to the lockdown, and the unemployment rate for April 2020 was pegged at 23.5%, nearly thrice the level in March 2020.

More than 4.4 million stranded people, many of them migrant workers, have returned home in special trains as India’s economic growth is expected to be in the “negative territory” this year, according to the Reserve Bank of India.

The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus — and the disease it causes, Covid-19 — continues to evolve at a rapid pace. With ever-increasing case counts around the world, warnings to prepare, confusion over testing, and school and business closures, it’s no wonder that questions are swirling.

Meanwhile, India's Coronavirus count has touched 77.06 with a jump of 55,839 cases in the last 24 hours, government data shows. 702 deaths in the last 24 hours have pushed the total death count to 1,16,616. 68,74,518 people in the country have recovered since the beginning of the pandemic.

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