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Juve star back in trouble?

Things did not go according to the Juventus star at the qualifier at the euro cup as Portugal was denied the goal in the injury time. Frustrated CR7 left the pitch even before the full time, leaving people in split.

It was the world cup qualifying game against Siberia which ended in a 2-2 result. Dutch referee Danny makkelie couldn’t spot the the ball off the goal line Dutch referee Danny Makkelie before Serbian defender Stefan Mitrovic. Ronaldo’s this act resulted him in a yellow card. The Portuguese star was so angry that he threw his armband on the ground before walking off the pitch. The game ended in a 2-2 draw, which drew attention from across the globe including before Serbian defender Stefan Mitrovic. As he didn’t hold back from criticizing against the Juventus star.

“Cristiano had a natural reaction, but it’s unacceptable for a National team captain. He can’t throw the armband and go to the locker room while the game continues. You can’t accept that from a player of his importance. I understand his frustration and I do agree with him that the goal was valid. But he is there to set an example. And it wasn’t a good one in Belgrade,” Meira told the local press.

No VAR World Cup 2022 qualifiers

As of now UEFA has decided not to have VAR in the WC qualifier. The controversial VAR is currently implemented in leagues like Barclays premiere league, UEFA Champion league,etc.

Santos was unhappy with UEFA’s decision not to have VAR (Virtual Assistant Referee) implemented in the qualifiers. The “virtual assistant” is currently in place in all the big domestic leagues in Europe and the UEFA Champions League.

“I told the referee on the pitch, with great respect, that it’s unacceptable to play a World Cup qualifying match without VAR and goal-line technology,” Santos said. “He also told me that it’s important to have it. Then I said: ‘Sorry, but the ball was half-a-meter inside the goal’. It was obvious.”

Talking to Portuguese news , Makkelie confirmed he spoke to Santos and his players.

“I apologized to Mr. Santos and to the Portuguese team for what happened,” Makkelie said. “As referees, we work a lot so we make the best decisions. When we are part of the news because of incidents like these, we are never happy.”

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