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Leisure:- Concept and Effects

Leisure, a term used when we take a break out of our daily & basic routine, where we set aside to socialize, rejuvenate and spend some quality time, doing activities, for enjoyment.

It's kind of exercising our minds, bodies and pursuing things of our own interests. Totally free from work, professional commitments, or regular housework, we get to focus on taking care of ourselves. You can also take it as a switch on/off mini-vacation!

It triggers the relaxing button of our minds, letting us become more active in terms of taking care of our closed ones, spending some good, happy and memorable time with them. By doing so, it brings us closer to our loved ones, as well as nurtures our relationships, in a more healthy and natural way.

Now, when we're talking about Leisure, you need to know about it's categories as well. Yes, you read it right! There are different types of leisures, divided into two main categories.

First is Active leisure, where you get to focus into socializing with family, friends, games, hobbies, other mentally stimulating activities, sports and exercise, for physical leisure.

Second is Passive leisure, where the focus is on activities, that are a bit relaxing and doesn't require much of a person's effort! It includes listening to music, radio, watching television. Passive leisure is all about providing mental relaxation, necessarily for a good mental health and well being.

So, now you know how important it is to balance your life, in between work and leisure! Get a balance and function in a more healthy way.

It's helps us in maintaining a neutral balance between our mental and physical well-being, enhancing our various skills and hobbies, as in sports, exercises, games, reading, writing, singing or cooking.

Leisure is not limited to a particular set of activities, but is a blank board, that can be painted or filled with different colors of personalities. It's like an open sky, waiting for you, to fly, higher and higher, exploring your various creative traits, in all the possible areas of your own interest.

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