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The rise of new chefs during lockdown

This year, 2020, has shown us many ups and downs. We have experienced curfew, lockdown, a new virus, working from home. Staying at home can be hectic too, with just few people around, the same routine and no going out.

So, in this lockdown period, many people have started a new hobby, a new thing to learn is now the new in. And one thing that was most common was 'Cooking'. Yes, we all had a chef in us, and we never knew until the lockdown came. Right?

As soon as the lockdown started, social media got flooded with food pictures, delightful recipes, thoroughly made food videos and what not! It caught everyone's attention because, the lazy people, turned out to be active and enthusiastic chefs, during these difficult times.

In regular days, the social media platforms were, anyways overflowing with different types of Food bloggers, food photographers, reviewers, influencers and Chefs, but the people who came out as heroes, have been these totally normal, office, college- goers, who jumped into this unplanned trend, one by one and kept on tickling our taste buds, through the pictures.

Starting with different varieties of pizzas, pastas, noodles to baking different cake-flavors and doughnuts! From rolling the big spoons into various vegetable curries, to rolling Paranthas, this world saw all kinds of newly-found and experimented recipes. Such delightful and yummy activities, kept all of us entertained, waging our watery tongue out with every tempting picture or video.

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and sometimes, this silver lining is all that we can hold on to in difficult times and keep ourselves positive. Cooking during the Coronavirus pandemic is one such silver lining.

Let's keep enjoying and exploring our new talents.

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