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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

"Travel", whenever this term is popped or comes in our mind, a lot of more different things slip in with it! As you'll know that, there are different kinds of traveling, like say, traveling regularly from Work to home, from home to school, from a city to another city, from a state to another state or maybe from a country to another one! It can involve different purposes as well, some travel for work, some travel to study, some travel for business, some travel for fun & the last, but the most Exciting category, that, some travel because it's their hobby, passion & all together they convert their passion into their profession, as a Traveler.

Sounds exciting? Yeah, it is actually more than a thrilling & totally adventurous thing, to be a Traveler! But, as said, every thrilling job comes up with it's own set of rules, regulations, boundations & baggage. Travelling is not an easy profession to be in, at least not for the time, when the world out there, is crowded with every 10th person, craving to be a Travel blogger, influencer & what not! You need to be unique in the crowd. It's all about finding your own unique voice in the crowd out there! Having said that, the most important factor in being into this profession is, having a all-time financial stream, because travelling definitely involves money, & you can't just go out travelling, without having a functional income source. So, to be a full-time traveler, you need to check the income box first. Then, here comes the second part, where you get to decide, how you can benefit financially, being a Traveler. You can start your own Blog, website, or a Page on any social media platform, where you can put up your adventures as a Traveler, in the form of a picture, a video or a travel story. You can also make a Travel Movie, featuring yourself! Done with the two important points, here comes the race, where you've to give your Best shot or say a best run, to be in the win-win situation, that's growing your followers! The more people like your Travelling stories & activities, the more they're going to stick to your page. It'll lead to more engagement & eventually more income! Getting the drill? Now, don't waste your time being a boring bag, just move & follow your Travelling passion, if any! It's fun as well as financially thrilling too, once you get into people's mind! Enjoy. Happy Travelling.

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