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Writing and lockdown, a new combination

Everyone's a writer, until the real Writer arrives! Yeah, you read it right. Generally, we come across very few people who're blessed with great writing capabilities, that too naturally. Some of them, take it seriously and end up being highly recognized, but some of them stay confused, until and unless they're left with no other option, to kill their time!

Covid-19 did the same with a lot of people. It triggered the writer/poets, in a lot of people, out of nowhere and suddenly people started writing on all the possible issues, whether serious/funny/comical/erotic/naughty/fierce/pious/devotional/musical/poetical/what not!!

In a click, people started getting introduced, to the all new sides of their social media friends, real life friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, mothers, fathers & relatives, to be precise. There is a basic humanistic thrill to the new-found things, in this case Writing. When the writing is in it's initial stage, the new-born Writer keeps coming up with different types of write-ups, covering the emotional, mental and social aspects, as widely as possible, on a regular basis.

Some play well with words, some play well with cut-copy-pasting art and some play smart with their in-born w/writer/poet. The game is all about who played the best and survived till the end.

So, basically it started with taking up writing, to kill time, then getting into the serious game of gaining followers, readers and admirers, to ending up with, maybe becoming the best of the Writers or ending up losing total interest into it! A lot of people, also took their writing skills quite seriously and ended up turning into good content creators, during this serious pandemic.

Played it smart, yeah? Or in my words, Writing it enthusiastically enough! No matter good or bad, this one activity kept most of us involved, engrossed and brought out the Writers/Poets/Readers out of us, among us.

The silver lining to the lockdown is that life has become slow-paced. It has given us more time to focus on ourselves and the things that we enjoy doing.

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