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Chief Director of cinematography dept

He paints with light, a real motivation for emerging talents. An alma matter from AAT India, with vast expertise as a director of photography. In movies, web series and commercials pan-global, under his belt, he is in charge of Cinematography dept.

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Chief of writing Department

Saurabh Dwivedi, has been writing, for movies, series, theatres since a decade, with a fire of exploring between many genres. He is the head of the writing Department. Additionally, he is a music producer.

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Chief Executive Officer

Chris ,more commonly known as “ Chris Wolf ”, has been tasked with the job of taming wild animals. Chris is known for making impossible possible in the world of animals. He is known for taking special tasks for wild animals and canines. He is sharp as the name says when it comes to business affairs.

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Vice President

A pilot by profession, actor by passion. He is an MBA graduate from Alliance business school India. Also, the Co-founder and promoter of VVV.

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Chief Operating Officer

Professional pilot, and Animator. He has been a part of various projects globally. Ajeesh is also the co-founder and promoter of VVV.